to answer the question posed by the domain name of this site,

miriam nadler is the best miriam.

at least according to this tweet

also to be clear i am miriam nadler, sorry if third person was weird. also i don't really have anything against other miriams i have met,

for instance,

the miriam who when I was a freshman in college, she was the RA for the floor I lived on, she was cool actually.


I'm rambling


here's the sun. thank you.

Sun animation

& here's some stars in lil autogenerated constellations for you neat how the gradient is almost like dusk or something

there will be more here later but thank you for looking at what is here now. if you would like to subscribe to updates to this site please just remember the url and check back later because i don't have a newsletter or whatever. thank you

if you came here to learn about stuff i have made here is some stuff i have made

my web animation and generative art projects can be found at codepen.

Vetch is a poetry journal by/for trans writers. i wrote the code and designed the website and still follow the editors on twitter to this day

i also wrote the code for the following stories, in reverse chronological order, newest to oldest: